Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still Recovering-Still Hopeful...

Happy Tuesday all G-Peeps and to those who are not "official" G-Peeps but are following my journey (I still consider you a "peep").

Well, it is now day 5 after surgery and I am still in a lot of pain.  Not from the stint replacement, but from the J-tube change.  While I am so blessed to have this new tube, I am beginning to be discouraged because the pain has been pretty bad on some days.  I am going to see my local GI doctor on Friday and will talk with him about some possible reasons for the pain.

On a positive note (trying to look at positive sides of this) the new tube ROCKS!!  It is amazing the things that make you happy when you have a chronic illness like this.  I don't have all the messy issues I had with the old tube.  I REALLY hope I get to keep this tube because it has really become my new best friend, without the pain of course!

I am continuing to learn new recipes with from the cookbook I downloaded from www.livingwithgastroparesis.com.  It is a GREAT resource!  The recipes are amazing!  The are all GP friendly and very tasty, I might add!  Crystal Saltrelli has become an inspiration to me!  She also suffers from GP and has taken the initiative to start a website and has also became an advocate and a Certified Health Counselor!

It was a sad weekend for Centerville Elks football on their road to the State Finals.  My son, Ben, plays for them and they lost (again) to Wayne in double overtime on Saturday.  Luckily he has a chance to play one for year for Centerville next year!

Today was Bible Study day and all I can say was WOW!!!  I am continued to be encouraged by how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things!    We always hear about how people did grand things but do you ever wonder where they came from?  How did they start?   Let me explain....

William Carey  was born in 1761.  He was a cobbler was trade, a husband and a father and he believed God.  He was drawn to India and packed his family on a five-month long journey to the Bay of Bengal.  During the first years, his son died of disease and his wife, out of such sorrow, lost her mind and eventually died.  

This left William as a single father and doubt and guilt nearly over-came him, but he persisted in memorizing and learning the language and to preach at every opportunity the Word of God.  He continued to believe that God would do a good work in India.

Little by little, he began getting better and better at translating languages.  People began to join him to help him preach.  He ended up translating the Bible into six different Indian languages and portions translated into 20 others.

He campaigned against the barbaric Hindu practices against women and children.  He fought for godly humanitarianism and won.  Even now the statute criminalizing infanticide is called the Carey Edict!

I LOVE Carey's most famous principle:  "Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God"

I HAVE to believe that when we look for God and ask him that we will find our purpose.  He will guide us in the path HE wants us to take.  We just have to have the faith and the courage to follow!

Until next time........

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