Friday, December 10, 2010

Wow, it has been a long time....

I apologize to all my G-Peeps for being away for so long.  Things have been a bit crazy for me as of late.  It has not all been bad - which is a good thing!

I have had many doctor appointments and have many more to come.  Most have been check-ups.  I am happy to report that my J-tube has been feeling much better since they reduced the size of the balloon.  There is still some pain, but not anything like before!  This is a huge praise and I am so very grateful for all the prayers from everyone.

Next week I am to see my Oncologist, Dr. Jain.  I have an Oncologist because for some reason my white blood counts have been fluctuating over the last year or so.  Last year I had a bone marrow biopsy to rule out anything cancerous.  I continue to see her every six months just to make sure everything looks ok.

I am excited to see a new Pain Doctor on Monday.  As I have mentioned, I also suffer from Fibromyalgia.  With the winter months upon us, my Fibromyalgia really takes its toll on my body.  I have seen a Pain Specialist before and not been very happy with the results.  But this Doctor comes very highly recommended and seems to have very good reviews.

I found the perfect quote from James Robinson's Twitter:

"When we look inward we allow our chronic pain to define us. When we look outward we allow God to define us" -Shane Stanford

I thought that was just Awesome!

On Tuesday, I am going back to Indiana to see my GP specialist, Dr. Wittles.  I am looking forward to this appointment because I have many things to discuss with him.  Although, I am afraid he is going to want to discuss the possibility of me getting the Gastric Stimulator.  

The Gastric Stimulator is similar to a pacemaker, but it is in the stomach.  It does not cure GP, it only helps with the nausea.  When I was being treated at The Cleveland Clinic, I was told that I was not a candidate for this procedure.  However, Dr. Wittles feels that I could be.  I'm not so sure.  

I am fine living with the feeding tubes if I could just get stable enough and keep hydrated.  I am considering the possibility of getting another PIC line put in for hydration like I had last year.  At this point, that seems to be my only problem.

I am also supposed to see a Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist while in Indiana.  This is to review some tests I had done last year at The Cleveland Clinic.  These tests were neurology type of tests that came back "highly abnormal".  I believe I have some sort of a "vertigo" problem.   

There is some belief that if you have migraines and inner ear issues, it could contribute to GP.  

Enough of that...

I have been feeling well enough to do some Christmas decorating and shopping, which has been fun.  I have even made some GP friendly cookies, thanks to the GP Cookbook! 

I will continue to keep you posted on how things go next week.

Thank you all for following this blog.  I appreciate your comments and emails and mostly your prayers.  

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