Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dehydrated Round 2 :( / And a Look Back..... :)

Yesterday my mom took me to get my IV Iron at my Hematologist office.  I was concerned about going because I have been pretty sick since Saturday - again.  I know this seems like a broken record, so imagine how it is for me and my family.

I began rejecting my food on Saturday again.  The very same thing that landed me in the hospital last month for 8 days.  I have been replacing the food with Pedialyte in the hopes of keeping hydrated.

I explained everything that has been going on and my doctor wanted to get some blood work done.  What immediately came back was that my Potassium was very low.  My white cells were a little low but not to cause concern.  The rest of the results will be in today.  

Each week when I go for the IV Iron they are having problem getting a vein due to the dehydration. Dr. Jain wanted to order a PICC line for me.  When I told her that my GI doctors are so against me having one, she changed her mind.  She decided she would fax the blood work along with her recommendations to my GI doctors and let them make the decision.   

Dr. Jain gave me some fluids with some Potassium and my Iron yesterday.  She also gave me some liquid Potassium to use in my J-tube for 3 days.  I go back on Friday to be checked again.

I am waiting to see what either Dr. Wilson or Dr. Wittles, at IU, wants me to do.  

On a positive note, last week I began receiving cards out of the blue from some of my high school classmates.  I was so confused how this happened because I did not know how they would have gotten my address.  It turned out that one my good friends from high school, named Robyn, had called my mom to get my address because our 25th Class Reunion is this year (this is hard for me to believe too!).  During the conversation my mom told Robyn what had been going on with my health for the last few years.

Robyn sent an email out to my classmates about my condition and many of them wrote back wanting my address to send me a card!  I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  I have not seen or spoken to these people in 25 years!  I would have never thought these people would have cared enough about me to take the time to send me card and a word of encouragement.

I called Robyn the other night to thank her and we talked for over an hour.  It was so fun talking about old times and catching up with each others lives. 

I thought I would share my senior picture so you could what I looked like "back in the day" compared to now! :)  

 Senior Year 1986

Today - 25 Years Later

Until next time......

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