Friday, February 11, 2011

What a year so far....

I just read my last post and realized how far behind I am! So let's start by providing an update.

You last heard that I was going to go to my local GI doctor about my J-tube after I went to the ER when it fell out. Well, I did not get into the see Dr. Wilson. We waited a couple of days to see if the tube would function ok after the doctor put it back in. By Thursday night, it looked infected and was very painful and looked like it was about to pop out again.

So, I called Dr. Wilson on Friday and he wanted me to go to the main hospital downtown (Miami Valley) on that Saturday morning (because Friday nights are awful in any emergency room, as we all know). He wanted this because there was nothing that could be done in his office.

Hugh and I arrived at MVH Saturday morning and I was seen by a Surgical consultant who was able to replace the tube correctly and I was put on antibiotics just in case there was the start of infection. They informated me that Miami Valley does not carry the type of tube I have (this tube was placed at Indiana Medical Center).

Well, I would love to say that things have been great since then. But, you all should know me now that things don't always work that easy for me.

The pain in the tube is still very bad and getting worse by the day. We cannot figure out what is causing the pain. I am going to IU next week to see Dr. witless, so I am going to discuss this with him.

In addition, the nausea has been almost unbearable at times. Therefore, I have had to take excessive amounts of phenegran and/or zofran.

Between the phenegran and pain medication, it have been sleeping a lot. This sometimes creates even more problems because I tend to get very dehydrated because I am not able to drink.

Enough of the bad news. I do have good news to share! Our daughter Chelsea has gotten engaged to her wonderful boyfriend Corey Otto! They are planning a wedding at our home later this summer before he is deployed to Afghanistain.

She has also decided to stay with us until the baby is born in August and until he returns home from his deployment. Our family is excited to be able share this experience with Chelsea and Corey. I took Chelsea to her first appointment and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. We go next week for the first ultrasound. This all very exciting to watch this through my baby's eyes.

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